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Wealth of Baby Boomers and Seniors:

78 million Americans who were 50 or older as of 2001 controlled 67% of the country’s wealth, or $28 trillion (U.S. Census and Federal Reserve).
Households headed by someone in the 55-64 age group had a median net worth of $112,048 in 2000—15 times the $7,240 reported for the under 35 age group (U.S. Census and Federal Reserve).
The 50+ have $2.4 trillion in annual income, which accounts for 42% of all after-tax income (U.S. Consumer Expenditure Survey).
Adults 50 and older own 65% of the aggregate net worth of all U.S. households (U.S. Consumer Expenditure Survey).
Spending Habits of Adults 50+:

Adults 50+ account for an estimated $2 trillion in total expenditures for 2005.
This group has $2.3 trillion in disposable income.
Between now and 2010, the total spending for 50+ households will increase by over $900 billion.
By 2010, adults 45-years-old and older will out-spend younger adults by $1 trillion annually.
In 2004, people aged 50 and older spent an average of 47.6 percent of their family’s budget on “nonessentials” (Bureau of Labor).
50% of baby boomers plan to buy a new home after retirement (Del Webb Survey). Elderly Center

As of January 2007, baby boomers are 27% more likely than any other generations to embark on a major home improvement or repair in the next 6 months (Consumer Intentions and Actions Study).
96 percent of baby boomers participate in word-of-mouth or viral marketing by passing product or service information on to friends (ThirdAge and JWT Boom).

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They’ve left behind homes where they raised families or retirement apartments in Florida. They’ve brought some furniture, pictures and television sets to the one- or two-room apartments at this hotel-like Centers for Elderly, not far from the nation’s capital. The move marks an ending, but residents say it is not the end of everything. “This is a good place for retired people,” says 88-year-old Thelma Butler. “We all help each other.”

The next three days, if you haven’t heard back from the hiring manager, call on the phone and ask for him/her. The follow up phone call will demonstrate your desire for the job. Most personnel specialists agree that this course of action is one of the most effective methods to acquire senior employment. Even if the company isn’t advertising an opening, it can often lead to a job in an anticipated opening in the future. Today, Butler is taking an oil painting class. Two of Butler’s paintings hang in the hallway, along with work by other residents. She lived on her own for a while after her husband died. But she was lonely: “It’s no fun looking at four walls,” she says.

After breakfast, the activities begin. Children from a local preschool visit, squirming and singing and laughing in the “family room” just off the lobby, as about a dozen residents look on. A book club gathers just before lunch, organized by volunteer Bonnie Rekemeyer, who moved her mom, Margaret McMullin, 83, here after it became clear that she could no longer live alone. The women start a lively discussion about the book they are reading that includes a recently widowed character. “We’ve all had to prove that when you’re left on your own, you make do,” says Cecile Weyant, 87, who moved into Sunrise the day after her 86th birthday.

Many assisted living facilities are hotel-like buildings like this one. Others are small, single-family homes offering shelter to a few residents. The facilities struggle to retain front-line employees in what is generally a low-paying business. And regulators have cited many homes for problems. Like most homes, this Sunrise has been cited by regulators. At its most recent inspection in March, inspectors were mostly positive, saying the facility appeared well run. They recommended that the home review a policy that allows unattended residents in hydro tub baths because it could pose a safety problem.

In January, inspectors cited the home for allowing a confused resident to wander away from the building for about an hour before staff realized the resident’s absence. Last year, it was fined $500 for a similar incident, when a confused resident wandered away, crossing a nearby four-lane road to get to a Starbucks. “There are some facilities that do provide excellent care,” says Carol Teal, the former executive director of Friends of Residents in Long Term Care, a North Carolina advocacy group. “Then there’s a whole lot in the middle that struggle to provide adequate care Centers for Elderly with the constraints they have, and a few on the bottom end that ought to be closed.”

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Do you want senior employment? Are you 50 years of age or older and hoping and praying to land a job? Whatever your Center for Elderly Motivation to find work is, welcome to a labor market seemingly tilted against senior employment seekers. But take heart! Golden opportunities now abound for senior job seekers and the ball is in their court. Why is this good news? Because contrary to appearances, The United States is on the brink of an incredible labor shortage. Well respected economists predict a huge labor shortage that is making itself felt even at this moment in time. How big a labor shortfall is looming on the horizon? Some estimates run as high as 10 million unfilled positions by the year 2010. Millions of senior employees are rapidly nearing retirement. At the same time fewer and fewer younger people are coming of age to fill the vacuum.

It’s late afternoon. Too early for dinner. But just the time to head to the lobby for music. Mona Cochran begins playing You Are My Sunshine on the piano. Cochran, whose in-laws lived here at Sunrise for a year before they died, comes back to play piano every Wednesday. She is here with her husband, Bob.

With a little homework, preparation and a small dash of creativity, you can get excellent work for yourself right now. Don’t be surprised at all the opportunities out there. You’ll discover that there are a lot of options for you to choose from, more than you ever dreamed of. You won’t have to settle for just any old job that’s offered. Take out a piece of paper right now and begin jotting down a list of jobs you’d like to have. And please underline the word like. Along with it, write out your work experience and what you want to do.
Free preventative health care screenings such as vision, hearing and podiatry are available along with free flu shots. Fitness programs such as weekly exercise, wellness and line dancing classes, educational workshops and seminars pertaining to health and nutrition are also offered.

Now, when you’ve finished the list decide what type of jobs you’d like to have. No matter how far afield from what you’ve worked at in the past. Meditate about it until you come up with several possibilities. And remember, the sky’s the limit. When you’ve decided on a few jobs you’d be happy doing, rese arch the businesses that offer senior employment. Then call them and get the names of the managers that do the hiring.

Finally, make out a brief resume of your work history. Now is where creativity comes into the picture. Compose a short, single page cover letter. Make it brief, and don’t just rehash the things you listed in your resume. On the cover letter, itemize what you’ve done to warrant hiring you for the position you want. Be truthful, but tell them what you can do to fulfill the job’s bottom line. You’ll be surprised, because the cover letter is often the deciding factor in hiring. When you’ve finished, make a personal visit to the business and ask to see the hiring manager. It’s a good idea to call first and make an appointment if possible. Don’t hesitate to make an unannounced visit if needed though. Whatever the outcome of the meeting, leave a copy of your resume and cover letter.  “I became close with some of the other residents,” he says. “When my parents moved in, they said, ‘It’s so nice to be around people our own age.’ There is an adjustment period, but most people are basically happy.”  After half an hour, the party is winding down. It’s time to start getting the residents ready for dinner. As the Center for Elderly turn to leave, Bob has a final thought: “I could live in a place like this in 25 years.”

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The Advocacy Centre for the Elderly is a Elderly Centers community based legal clinic for low income senior citizens. ACE is managed by a volunteer board of directors at least half of whom are seniors. ACE is funded through Legal Aid Ontario and is the first legal clinic in Canada to specialize in the legal problems of seniors.  If you’re a senior employment seeker, then you’ve earned a lot of experience in many different areas over the years. Don’t forget to put in your hobbies too! You’d be surprised at what things like fishing and bowling can add to your job description. And this is a campaign just as important as any battle waged by the general of an army. Do you like reading about sports and politics? Add those to the mix too!
ACE provides direct legal services to low-income seniors, public legal education, and engages in law reform activities. ACE services and activities are in relation to areas of law of special importance to the seniors’ population. Such incidents are not unusual in the industry. Good, well-run assisted living centers are not uncommon, resident advocates say. But they caution that families must remain vigilant. A good home can go downhill Elderly Centers if a director changes or staffing levels are cut. And a mediocre home can get better.

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The Elderly Center Has created programs that are based on unmet needs in our community.The home care program encompasses a full range of therapeutic,nursing,supportive and personal care/support service to the low-income homebound elderly,mentally or physically challenged.  As the industry has matured, however, so have the residents. More often, assisted living centers are looking like nursing homes, with residents who need a lot of assistance.

Older, more frail residents present a marketing opportunity for the industry, but their needs are a growing challenge for facility owners: caring for frail residents while maintaining the active aesthetic that attracted many of their clients in the first place.

The agency provides a wide range of services to all clients. A multidisciplinary team approach in relating to patient care. Many astute business executives of today are growing keenly aware of the worker shortfall on the horizon. Even Congress is now taking notice of the coming labor shortage. Legislation is being discussed now to provide tax credits to companies opening up flexible senior employment work schedules. All for senior employees 62 years of age or old e r. The icing Elderly Center on the cake is that health and pension benefits will be included. Be optimistic if you’re an individual seeking senior employment!